The Warlords

Jim Hanson is your East Coast Warlord and Kurt Schlichter is your West Coast Warlord. These military vets bring the pure heat on topics that affect our society and culture.

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Thursday Aug 03, 2023

#TheWarlords welcome the avalanche of boys joining the conservative tribe. Kurt Schlichter and Jim Hanson point out it's a natural reaction to attacks on men & boys by our feminized woke culture.

Friday Jun 09, 2023

Kurt Schlichter & Jim Hanson bring a warlord perspective to the weak crew of not-gonna-be-Presidents, Kurt's call for Mandatory Assault Rifles, On Film talking Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and our answer Leftists who say Define Woke.

Tuesday May 30, 2023

Kurt Schlichter & Jim Hanson give the Warlords view of the Trump vs/ Desantis Battle Royale + The growing boycotts of Bud Light, Target & friends. And we end with the Warlords on an epic 106 mile chase w/ the Blues Brothers.

The Warlords Episode 9

Friday May 19, 2023

Friday May 19, 2023

A FULL episode 9 of #TheWarlords Start your weekend off RIGHT! Kurt Schlichter & Jim Hanson bring the fiery heat of 1000 suns & Laughs the Woke mob hates

Thursday May 11, 2023

Jim Hanson & Kurt Schlichter give you the lowdown on Tucker teaming up with Elon and also the evidence that should get Joe Biden impeached for corruption.

Friday May 05, 2023

Kurt Schlichter & Jim Hanson provide the based takes on Tucker being smeared by FOX using Leftist outlets and the sorry attempt to make Whiteness an attack. Plus they remind all of us to get out kids and ourselves involved in real world activities. Online is fun, but IRL is vital.

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Kurt Schlichter & Jim Hanson give the hottest takes on vital issues.

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Kurt Schlichter and Jim Hanson discuss the hottest issues of the week.

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Your Warlords Jim & Kurt discuss:
The terror attack at the Nashville Christian school
Why men shouldn't be weak
Die Hard 

The Warlords Episode 1

Thursday Mar 30, 2023

Thursday Mar 30, 2023

Wokeness, Women & Caddyshack are the topics for your East Coast Warlord Jim Hanson and your West Coast Warlord Kurt Schlichter.


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